Sem Transformatör who started activities by maintenance of the transformers continued with manufacturing. Within the progress, Sem integrated technology to his production. By the professional founders’ experience and the team’s harmony ,made Sem become one of the most important companies in the sector. Since 1993, the production is done by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) certificate. With the references of ISO 9001 in 1996 and ISO 14001 in 2003, the company proved his success and quality. In the progress, the company focused on pre-sales services, production, after sales assistance and customer satisfaction and then in 2010, moved to his new plant which has bigger production capacity and fitted by technologic equipments. Today, Sem Transformatör has established his brand name in local market and his place on international platform by exporting to more than 25 different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

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